my intention of making this blog is to put anything i want and one of them is to put important informations like news , sports, trivias and even quotes i also uploaded pictures and sooner this will have have videos. i make this blog not just for my personal intention this blog has also a grade here, we put our outputs and ours activities. but because this blog is making me so fun , i put my personal details hahahaha!!!! i mentioned earlier that this has grade, and this grade is in subject ICT (information and communication technology) and the name of my teacher in this subject is MR. BART ROMEO UDQUIN my awe some teacher. hes one of my favorite teacher!!!!!!! jejeje seriously in crmnhs sir bart is my 3rd best teacher, even if were just in the 1st month of the class and we will enjoy/ getting to know each other for 9 months and thats a very lomg time. and in him i can see a hpe to help my family by making my own blog ::::::::::: so emotional

that’s could be all thank you .